Adelaide Ruiters Mining and Exploration Pty Ltd (ARME) is a 73% Black Women Owned Mining and Exploration Company focusing on the Exploration of sedimentary Phosphates and Limestone in the Saldanha Bay Area, Western Cape.

ARME is currently conducting a Bankable Feasibility Study for its Zandheuvel Sedimentary Phosphate Mine and Beneficiation plant on the farms Zandheuvel 126, a certain portion of Zandheuvel 124, Witteklip 123 Portion 61 and Yzervarkensrug 127 Portion 2 in Saldanha Bay. The proposed mining site is located adjacent to Lafarge and opposite Mittal Steel Saldanha , 150 km from Cape Town Western Cape Province South Africa. The Aim of the Study is to determine the economic viability  to produce a Direct Application Organic Fertiilizer, as a Cheaper Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer option to the South African Farmer and farmers in the SADEC Region.

The Consultants appointed to Project Manage the BFS is VBKOM Maelgwyn Mineral Services Africa  is appointed as Metallurgists while AZMET Technology and Projects  is appointed as Process Engineers.

Company Announcement: Mining Right Accepted by Department of Minerals

ARME recently lodged its application for a Mining Right for the Zandheuvel Phosphate Mine and Beneficiation Plant and is proud to announce the Mining Right has been successfully accepted by the DMR. ARME has appointed Exigo3 Sustainability, a member of the EOH Company to manage the Environmental Impact Assessment Process. The Public Participation Process is currently underway. Kindly refer to Notice of Environmental Impact Assessment to access the drop box for the draft Scoping Report.

The Shareholders of ARME are as follows:

Adelaide Ruiters: 73%

Anglo Sefa Mining Fund: 13%

Orexx Po Pty Ltd: 8%

Mr. Jan van der Merwe Project Geologist: 2.5%

Dr. Gert van der Linde Project Metallurgist: 1%

Mr. Steven Frankel Cape Based Businessman: 2.5%


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Cru International Phosphates Conference 2018 Morocco Marrakech

African Union Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Exploration at Zandheuvel site October 2016

Adelaide Ruiters received International World Woman Leadership Summit Award Mumbai India February 2017